Add colour and taste to your weekend by trying our dishes. They are made from natural healthy ingredients which are responsibly sourced, low in fat and salt but bursting with natural colour and flavour. We take pride in bringing the authentic taste of Thai cooking to your table and are confident that you will see and taste the difference. All dishes are freshly prepared to order. 


Orders will be taken online during the week, in advance for Enjoyment, Meeting, Friend Get Together, Special Occasion. (**Any problem or special requestment with your order, online ordering or else, please text Kay 07858 999113***)
The delivery of orders will be from 3.00 pm until 7.00 pm ( or special requested).  £3 Local delivery charge.
As we offer an artisan service and concentrate on achieving quality and customer satisfaction a limit is set on the number of orders we will accept each week. Once the maximum is achieved each week the online ordering system will close.
(Chicken, Duck, Fish, Seafood, Halal Chicken and Vegetarian Available)

Thai Cooking Lesson

Who is it for ? Birthday present, Thai food is passionate.Beginner through to Professional level. Home, Pub and Restaurant chefs. Thai style street food, Signature dish, Healthy eating Thai food.nad Food developement.

Live Cooking Demonstrator

Live food Demonstrator. A flexible and bespoke Service tailored to your requirements and to your doorstep. The aim is to generate more customers and build a positive reputation for your store in the local community.

Healthy eating with Far Eastern foods. Quick, easy, simple, within budget and healthy. Fun, enjoyable, and everyone can do it. Great visual presentation, looks and tastes delicious.